Sunday 17 July 2011

The Ego Buster

Quite an adventurous night last night! Three of us walking in the moon light through a jungle between lonavala and Rajmachi for about 4 hours + in the rain from 2230 till 0300 hrs for around 17 KM (+ 17 KM back). For me that was an experience!
Everyone keeps saying 98% of the snakes in India are non poisonous but that is easier said than done as you pass under the cover of thick trees with braches trailing almost on your head. I was all thinking of snakes, foxes, leopards and robbers especially in the pitch dark areas covered by large trees! Thankfully we only encountered couple of crabs and beautiful display of light show by the fire flies in the bushes. Sound of violently gusting water from the mountains into valley did sound scary! The roots of trees extended over the road used to look like thick black snake Some strange noises made us aware that we are encroaching some ones territory. But with us we had a good friend and guide who knew what he was doing, Crossing large streams of water was an experience when you can't judge the level of water until you are into it. We reached our camp in at the bottom of Rajmachi fort, after a beautiful but scary experience walk. We were greeted by our friends who have been already there keeping the place warm for us. Then we thought it was little chilly so opened a small bottle of Whiskey to keep ourselves warm. But we could see the disgust on surrounding faces, so whiskey had to be shared.
Then after few hours of sleep we went around the place to check out how it looks in the day light and I was mesmerized yet again by the beauty of nature and also its power. All that looked scary few hours ago, was now all serene and beautiful. It makes you feel the insignificant and small. What struck me though, is the fact that same things when seen in the dark make you afraid of them and when seen in day light change the perspective by 180 degrees. So in the night you are afraid for yourself and may be things you posses. Come the sunrise and the tall mountains, mighty streams make you feel insignificant, weak and small and all your possessions seem worthless. You realize that the small fireflies were not entertaining you but only to kill pray or to attract the male firefly. The nature, the ego buster!
Be cool, be brave! Stay lucky!